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Goddess Magazine

Goddess is an online women's spirituality magazine produced by Z Budapest and the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One.

Goddess magazine is a global place for women of all ages to hone their skills and craft as witches, solitaries, circle priestesses, priestesses -in- training, maidens, mothers, crones, and amazons alike.

In Goddess magazine you will find spiritual food for thought, activities, life's lessons, poetry, visual arts, events, links to the women's spirituality globally, and a world of enchantment and sisterhood.

While Goddess is a free publication, we do ask that women help us defray the costs associated with producing this quality publication. If you can tithe $1 each month, that would go along way towards helping to support the Women's Spirituality Forum continue the efforts to bring Goddess consciousness to a global audience.

$12 Donation for the Goddess
One dollar for every month of Goddess Magazine.

Are you intersted in contributing to Goddess Magazine?

Goddess accepts only original writings that have not been published anywhere else. It must be all your own words and not copied from others. Quotes must have quote marks and should include the resource where you got the quote.

Goddess accepts original artwork and photos for consideration for cover art as well as inside art.

We are not a theme-based publication. We write about what interests us at the time. We write about Life as it's happening.

You can submit you works for consideration to: zbudapest AT gmail.com


Goddess magazine accepts previously unpublished work for consideration. Publication preference is given to work that reflects the Goddess magazine attitude.
If you have work that fits our criteria and you would like to see it published in Goddess magazine please send it via e-mail to zbudapest (at) gmail.com. Send in within the body of the E-mail. No attachments will be read.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for response.

Include in your submission any and all author information you would feel appropriate to share with others.

We require "First Serial and Electronic Rights." We hold these rights for the month when the work appears, then publication rights revert back to the author. We also hold the right to keep the work in our archives for the duration of the site.

If the piece is first published on Goddess magazine, we ask this be acknowledged if subsequently re-published.

All work is subject to editing.

Goddess magazine is owned by the Women’s Spirituality Forum, a non-profit organization, supported by the hard work of volunteers and donations. As a result, we are unable to offer monetary compensation. If you would like to help support the site, please donate using our secure contribution PayPal account.

Are you intersted in advertising with Goddess Magazine?

Classified Ads
$20 a month for 30 words. Topics: Publications, Events, Goddess Goods, Herbs & Healing, Music & Video, Women’s Services, Travel.

Graphical Ads
We are require a high quality of art for these ads, as well as appropriate topics that compliment Goddess magazine. We reserve the right to decline any ad, in which case you’d be fully refunded. We determine placement in the magazine.

We prefer JPEG and GIF files in RGB format at 72dpi. You're responsible for your ads information being correct.

You can submit your ad for consideration to: zbudapest AT gmail.com once you've made payment for it.

Full Page - $500

Half Page - $300

Banner 1x6.5 Horizontal - $100

Banner 2x3.5 Horizontal - $50

Goddess Magazine Ads
Email us your art/ad after making the payment. Add comments:

Legal terms and conditions: We reserve the right to decline any advertiser or specific advertisment at our sole discretion. The Publisher’s liability shall not exceed the value of the space purchased and in the event of an error is limited to a makegood of the advertisement. In consideration of the acceptance of the advertisement, the advertiser must indemnify and hold the Publisher harmless against any expense arising from claims or actions against the Publisher because of the publication of the contents of the advertisement. Rates and units of space subject to change by the Publisher.

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Links take you to the online viewer, and a PDF download if that's better for you. Just follow the link.
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Links take you to the online viewer, and a PDF download if that's better for you. Just follow the link.
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